How can grounding change salience?


Grounding, according to and , is a practical strategy to alter the salience of our experiences. Salience refers to how prominently something stands out in our perception. Grounding techniques, by focusing attention on immediate physical sensations and environments, shift salience from overwhelming internal states (like panic or anxiety) to external, often neutral details. By doing so, it helps stabilize emotional and mental states by making the immediate, observable world more salient, reducing the impact of distressing internal sensations or thoughts. Grounding can be as simple as touching a table, observing specific details like the time or the shape of objects around, which helps to manage and change what captures our attention and how we respond to it. This approach is beneficial in managing anxiety and enhancing self-awareness 1.

Changing Salience

Paul and Andrew discuss the importance of paying attention to salience and how grounding oneself can help change salience. They explore the role of self-awareness in understanding one's thoughts and feelings, and how exploring the self can lead to more agency and gratitude.

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