Human Enhancement


Dwarkesh Patel discusses various facets of human enhancement, particularly focusing on cognitive or intelligence enhancement. This topic mainly comes up in the context of alternative strategies to address the challenges posed by advanced artificial intelligence (AI). One notable discussion involves using AI technology itself to augment human intelligence or instigate improvements in human rationality, potentially through technologies such as neurofeedback or brain emulation.

For instance, Patel explores the notion of enhancing human intelligence to ensure it offers a safer and more controlled progression than the unpredictable paths AI development might take. He considers human intelligence enhancement potentially viable because it involves enhancing existing human faculties rather than creating new, autonomous intelligence forms which could act unpredictably. Techniques like neurofeedback or brain emulation are speculated as methods to potentially increase human rationality or intelligence, deemed essential for addressing not only technological challenges but also broader societal issues. The ultimate goal posited is to align these enhancements with ethical and stable development paradigms to ensure they contribute positively to society [1].

Furthermore, Patel, along with his guest, discussed the technical feasibility and broader implications of these enhancements. They speculated on various futuristic and speculative technologies that could be employed, potentially helping humans achieve a "security mindset" or manage complex systems more effectively. This aligns with the broader discussion of how enhanced human intellect could potentially contribute to solving complex issues such as AI alignment and managing the risks associated with advanced technologies [2].

These discussions provide significant insight into the potential and challenges of human enhancement as a concept, particularly in the context of rising technological capabilities and their implications for society.

Human Intelligence Enhancement

Dwarkesh and Eliezer discuss the potential of human intelligence enhancement as a more viable option compared to creating extremely smart AI. They explore the challenges and potential benefits of enhancing human intelligence, including using neurofeedback and brain simulation.

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