Philosophy majors


Here are some individuals majoring or deeply involved in philosophy:

  1. John Vervaeke: He is a philosopher and an Assistant Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. His work aims to bridge science and spirituality to address the meaning crisis and the cultivation of wisdom [].

  2. Sam Harris: An American philosopher and neuroscientist, Sam Harris' work spans various topics including rationality, ethics, neuroscience, meditation, and artificial intelligence [].

  3. Ryan Holiday: Although not a classic philosophy major, Ryan Holiday has extensively written and spoken about Stoicism, adapting ancient philosophies to modern challenges and lifestyles [].

  4. Jonathan Haidt: A social psychologist at New York University, his research includes understanding moral psychology and how it varies across cultures, tying closely with philosophical concepts [].

These individuals, with their diverse backgrounds, contribute significantly to the discourse in philosophy and related fields, bringing philosophical perspectives to a wider audience.