Why experiment with fuel sources?


Experimenting with different fuel sources, particularly for the brain, is important for several reasons. According to Dr. Dominic D'Agostino in a discussion with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, experimenting with fuel sources like lactate and ketones can enhance brain function, particularly under conditions like hypoxia or brain injury. Dr. D'Agostino highlights the potential of creating a comprehensive multi-fuel system that includes underappreciated sources like lactate, which has historically been stigmatized despite its potential benefits 1.

Additionally, Dr. D'Agostino points out the importance of methodically testing different fuel sources to optimize adaptations for performance, noting that while certain dietary strategies may not optimize immediate performance, they could lead to improvements that benefit future performance. This emphasizes the need for periodized training strategies that balance adaptation and performance nutrition 1.

Fueling the Brain

Dom and Rhonda discuss the potential of lactate as an energy source for the brain and the impact of a ketogenic diet on mitochondrial adaptations during exercise. They also emphasize the importance of methodically experimenting with different fuel sources before game day.

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Dr. Dominic D'Agostino on Developing a Well-Designed Ketogenic Diet and Harnessing Its Benefits