Cleanses, especially those related to the gut, are a topic of significant debate and lack high-quality scientific consensus. and discuss this in the context of gut health, noting that while fasting and cleanses like juice cleanses are popular, their impact on health isn't well-established scientifically. They suggest that processes like fasting might disrupt the microbiota and potentially incite inflammation due to changes like excessive mucus consumption by bacteria in the absence of food. The scientific evidence surrounding the benefits or detriments of cleanses, particularly for the gut microbiota, remains inconclusive. They also allude to possible negative outcomes if the microbiota's reconstitution is left to chance following a cleanse 1.

Cleanses and Fasting

Justin explains that there isn't enough high-quality science to determine whether cleanses and fasting are good or bad for health. However, fasting and other therapies like the ketogenic diet can have tremendous benefits, especially for people with metabolic syndrome. Adherence to these diets is often easier for people who struggle with making nuanced decisions about food.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Justin Sonnenburg: How to Build, Maintain & Repair Gut Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #62