Hiring Programmers


Here is some insightful advice on hiring programmers from the My First Million podcast:

  1. Thorough Resume Screening:

    • Marc Lore highlights the importance of spending significant time upfront on resume reading. He looks for a pattern of success and logical career movements that indicate a top performer. He emphasizes verifying a candidate's success through their resume rather than relying solely on recommendations 1.
  2. Trust, But Verify:

    • Andrew Wilkinson advises the critical nature of due diligence during hiring. He strongly recommends meeting major hires in person to gauge their body language and overall presence. Additionally, he suggests deep reference checks, sometimes utilizing business intelligence advisors, to verify the information provided by candidates and uncover any red flags 2.

By following these practices, you can enhance your hiring process and increase the likelihood of bringing top talent into your team.

Hiring Top Talent

Marc shares his insights on hiring top talent and how he evaluates resumes to identify the top five percenters. He emphasizes the importance of looking at a candidate's trajectory and multi-company movement within a company.

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