Influence Campaigns


Jordan Harbinger provides insight into how to spot influence campaigns, especially on social media platforms. He highlights various signs of influence campaigns:

  1. Checking the age and activity of social media accounts: New accounts with an unusually high amount of activity might indicate automated posts.
  2. Observation of content themes: Accounts focusing on singular, polarizing topics round the clock can suggest inauthentic behavior.
  3. Cultural targeting: The use of specific cultural images and references tailored to certain demographics marks a sophisticated understanding of the target audience.
  4. Evolution of pages: Social media pages often morph in their themes, initially drawing in followers with non-political content before switching to more polarized messages.
  5. Platform complicity: Platforms may inadvertently support such campaigns by prioritizing engagement over authenticity.

These campaigns thrive on exploiting cultural nuances and manipulating social identities, making it crucial for individuals to critically assess the content they encounter online 1.

Spotting Influence Campaigns

Jordan explains how to spot influence campaigns on social media by looking at account dates, singular topic focus, and cultural nuances in memes. He also emphasizes the need for education to filter out misinformation and influence campaigns.

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