Why is being the change important?


Being the change is crucial because it sets a powerful example for others, creating an environment where positive behaviors and changes become more likely to be adopted by those around us. discusses this concept, highlighting a study from the Journal of American Medicine Association, which found that individuals are more likely to engage in behaviors like weight loss, smoking cessation, and regular exercise if their partners are already doing so. This influence arises from leading by example, indicating that when we make positive changes ourselves, we can effectively encourage others to follow suit 1.

Leading by Example

Danny Matranga emphasizes the importance of leading by example when trying to inspire change in others. He cites a study that shows partners are more likely to make positive changes when their partner is already exhibiting those changes. By having our own "house in order," we can effectively influence others and be taken seriously.

Dynamic Dialogue with Danny Matranga

131: How to *CONVINCE* Friends/Loved Ones to Live Healthier