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Summary of Episode 480: Roger Atwood | Stealing History

In this episode of "The Jordan Harbinger Show," Jordan Harbinger and guest Roger Atwood explore the complex and global issue of antiquities smuggling. The discussion highlights how this illicit trade exploits weak governance, corruption, and poverty, causing irreparable damage to cultural heritage and history. They emphasize the detrimental effects on the countries involved, comparing the impact to historical events like the Spanish conquest in terms of cultural destruction.

Key points covered include:

  • Antiquities Smuggling Techniques: Smugglers use sophisticated methods, such as wrapping pots in fake ceramic wraps, to transport looted items overseas, exploiting every aspect of a weakened system from local to national levels.
  • Impacts of Looting: Looting not only destroys archaeological sites but also the broader cultural and historical context of a region, often turning local populations against archaeologists.
  • Insights from Undercover Experiences: Roger Atwood shares his experiences posing as an antiquities buyer in places like Hong Kong and Peru, revealing surprising aspects like authentic looted items being cheaper than fakes due to mass production techniques used millennia ago.

Jordan also uses the episode to promote his Six-Minute Networking course and emphasizes the importance of building and managing relationships. He encourages listeners to reach out to guests and engage with them personally.

Listeners are advised about the ethical and legal ramifications of engaging with the antiquities market and are encouraged to help protect cultural heritage by raising awareness and understanding of the issues discussed.


  • Overview of antiquities smuggling and its impact 1
  • Undercover insights into the trade 2
  • Summary and ethical guidance 3

    Antiquities Smuggling

    Jordan and Roger discuss the pervasive and strong trade of antiquities smuggling, which relies on weak policing, corruption, and poverty to thrive. The looting of archaeological sites not only ruins the burial site but also the whole country. The story on the ground is so twisted that archeologists are hated in some areas, and looters are seen as heroes.

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    480: Roger Atwood | Stealing History