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In of , Jordan Harbinger and Gabriel Mizrahi cover a range of topics related to relationships, career advice, and personal growth during the Feedback Friday segment.

Key points include:

  • Relationship Advice: Addressing how to help a partner who has fallen into bad habits without nagging. They suggest approaching with compassion, patience, and an emphasis on mutual feelings and concerns 1.

  • Career and Feedback: Discussing the importance of giving kind and constructive feedback to job candidates as a way to build professional relationships and identify those who are serious about improvement 2.

  • Magnesium Importance: Highlighting the significance of magnesium as a critical mineral in the body for various functions including fat metabolism and energy production. They mention that magnesium has been deficient in US soil since the 1950s 3.

    Helping a Partner

    Jordan and Gabe discuss how to approach a partner who has fallen into bad habits during the pandemic. They recommend leading with compassion and patience, inviting the partner to articulate their feelings, and reminding them of the person they were before.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    367: How to "Fix" Your Relationship without Nagging | Feedback Friday

The episode also features various sponsor advertisements, with special offers on products like Manscaped, Progressive Insurance, and Better Help 4 5.