What is the Girlfriend Turing test?


The "Girlfriend Turing Test" is a theoretical concept discussed by Lex Fridman and George Hotz, referring to the idea of computers being able to mimic a girlfriend so perfectly that they pass this specialized version of the Turing test. The test would examine if AI can convincingly simulate a human girlfriend's responses and behaviors to the extent that it becomes indistinguishable from a real human counterpart. This concept arises in a conversation about potential changes in social norms like monogamy due to advancements in AI, reflecting on how deep the impersonation of human-like interactions can go and what it might mean for human relationships 1.

AI Friends and the Future of Relationships

Lex and George discuss the potential for AI companions and the changing dynamics of relationships in the age of advanced technology. They explore the concept of the Girlfriend Turing test and the implications it has on society's perception of monogamy.

Lex Fridman Podcast

George Hotz: Tiny Corp, Twitter, AI Safety, Self-Driving, GPT, AGI & God | Lex Fridman Podcast #387