Psychology of Style


The "Psychology of Style" touches upon how personal style choices reflect deeper psychological processes and can significantly impact one's self-perception and interactions with the world. Here are some key insights shared by trusted experts on this subject:

  1. Overcoming Style Obstacles:

    • discusses the psychological barriers people face regarding style in her book "The Truth About Style." She highlights fear and shame as major obstacles preventing individuals from dressing and feeling their best. London urges individuals to recognize and overcome these barriers, advocating for self-acceptance and challenging societal conventions, particularly for those who feel marginalized because of their body size or ethnicity 1.
  2. Style and Self-Esteem:

    • According to London, style is a powerful tool for boosting self-esteem because it allows for immediate changes in self-perception. She describes style as a more accessible and less punishing approach compared to other self-improvement methods like diet or exercise. London also shares anecdotal evidence from her experience on the show "What Not to Wear," where participants often made significant personal and professional changes after altering their style, suggesting that style can lead to profound life improvements 2.

      Overcoming Style Obstacles

      Stacy shares insights on the psychology of style, discussing the reasons people hinder themselves when it comes to dressing and feeling their best. She emphasizes the fear and shame that often hold us back, urging listeners to recognize the disservice they do to themselves.

      The School of Greatness

      Stacy London on Styling the Life of Your Dreams with Lewis Howes