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In the episode "Nigerian Scammers & Con Artists | Fake Airport Sold For $240 Million" of the , released on June 24, 2020, and cover various engaging topics:

  1. NBA and Journalism: They express frustration with traditional journalism and propose a platform where fans hear directly from NBA players about current issues like the pandemic and Black Lives Matter, bypassing journalist interpretations 1.

  2. Ride Referral Arbitrage: They discuss a clever business model where a man in India makes money by exploiting ride service referral systems, leveraging short rides for referral credits which are then sold in the US 2.

  3. Baseball Card Vault: An idea for a central repository for storing and trading baseball cards, keeping them in prime condition and eliminating the need for physical handling during transactions. This concept is suggested to extend to other collectibles like art and sneakers 3.

    NBA Players Speak

    Shaan and Sam discuss their frustration with traditional journalism and their desire to hear directly from NBA players on the topic of resuming the season during the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. They believe this approach would be more informative and interesting than hearing from journalists and talking heads.

    My First Million

    Nigerian Scammers & Con Artists | Fake Airport Sold For $240 Million | My First Million 6/24/20
  4. Media Feuds and Expert Opinions: They explore potential media feuds for promotional purposes and touch on their project of gathering unfiltered expert opinions to publish directly, instead of relying on journalists 4.

  5. Funding Wikipedia: They argue that Wikipedia should be government or donation-funded to ensure its sustainability, noting it's indispensable and should be treated as a public utility 5.

  6. Rental Insurance Empowerment: Shaan proposes a business where rental agents offer renters insurance as part of the lease, streamlining the process and making it more convenient for tenants 6.

Additionally, they delve into topics like manipulating political pledges, real estate entrepreneurship, and discuss the societal value of platforms like Reddit and Wikipedia, emphasizing their essential role despite financial challenges.