What is John Paul's exercise routine?


John Paul DeJoria's exercise routine is fairly minimalist and not strict in terms of consistency. Here are the details he shared:

  • Navy Seal Push-Ups: About three times a week, he does Navy Seal push-ups, which involves holding onto handles and twisting. He does around 25 repetitions during each session.
  • Weights: Once or twice a month, he might pick up 25-pound weights in each hand and do a few curls. This takes him about a minute and a half.
  • Walking: He mentions walking a lot and walking fast as part of his regular activity.
  • Gymnastics Skills: He has maintained some advanced gymnastics skills from his youth, such as performing a full lever, where his body is parallel to the ground while holding himself up with his hands 1 2.

DeJoria emphasizes that his routine is not very consistent, and he integrates these exercises into his lifestyle as and when he can.

Fitness Secrets Revealed

John Paul shares his unconventional exercise routine, including Navy Seal push ups and walking, proving that consistency isn't always necessary for staying fit.

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