What are the goals of Hamas?


Hamas, a Palestinian organization, has a primary goal that is often articulated as the destruction of the state of Israel. This goal is part of their rhetoric and has been used as a propaganda tool by other entities, such as Iran, to claim they are champions of the Palestinian cause 1.

Hamas employs armed resistance, which is permitted by international law under certain contexts, and was democratically elected to govern Gaza in 2006. However, whether they still hold power or are equipped to govern effectively is debatable 2.

The organization aims to provoke severe reactions from Israel, using aggressive actions to rally international support for Gaza and Palestine. This strategy involves committing atrocities to elicit a harsh response from Israel, thereby leveraging the situation to gain support from the broader Muslim community 3.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Abbas discusses the complex political situation between Israel and Palestine, including the use of propaganda by both sides and the unjust treatment of Palestinians by Israel. He also acknowledges the failures of Palestinian leadership but emphasizes the uneven circumstances they face. The host asks for a perspective from the Israeli side.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Abbas Amanat: Iran Protests, Mahsa Amini, History, CIA & Nuclear Weapons | Lex Fridman Podcast #334

Furthermore, while some Israelis believe that destroying Hamas will solve the problem, others recognize that even if Hamas is destroyed, another resistance group will likely emerge, perpetuating the cycle of violence and resistance 4.