Greek yogurt


Greek yogurt is highlighted in the Mind Pump Podcast as a versatile and healthy food item. Here are some ways it is used and discussed:

  1. High-Protein Snacks:

    • In an episode, Adam Schafer shares a recipe where Greek yogurt is mixed with protein powder, almond milk, strawberries, granola, and chocolate chips, then frozen to make high-protein snacks. This recipe is noted for its good taste and suitability for parties or healthy desserts 1.
  2. Healthy Food Swaps:

    • Greek yogurt is also recommended as a substitute for sour cream. This swap is part of a discussion on healthy alternatives to common foods 2.

      High-Protein Frozen Snack

      Adam shares a recipe for a high-protein frozen snack made with Greek yogurt, almond milk, protein powder, strawberries, granola, and chocolate chips. The snack is easy to make and doesn't taste like protein powder, making it a great option for parties or as a healthy dessert.

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