What was Andy's journey with cancer?


shared aspects of his journey related to cancer in various discussions.

While he hasn't mentioned a personal battle with cancer, he did highlight the devastating impact of losing both of his scientific advisors to different cancers, both of whom had the BRCA2 mutation. He expressed how significant an extra eight to ten months can be for patients and their families, even if the long-term survival rate remains bleak 1.

In another conversation, shared his experience with heart cancer, where he expressed profound anger coupled with deep gratitude for his life. He discussed the grueling treatments and how a sense of curiosity helped him maintain a sense of agency during his medical journey 2.

These insights reflect the emotional and practical challenges individuals face when dealing with cancer, illustrating both the personal and broader perspectives on the disease and its treatments.

Cancer Drug Metrics

Andrew and Peter discuss the metrics used to evaluate cancer drugs, highlighting the discrepancy between overall survival and median survival. They delve into the high costs and potential compromises to quality of life associated with these treatments.

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