What is the power of chess?


Shane Parrish discusses the power of chess as a tool for developing strategic thinking and risk assessment, and as an excellent metaphor for positions and choices in life. Chess requires players to think critically about their positions, anticipate future problems, adapt strategies, and importantly, understand when and how to take risks and avoid significant losses. Adam Robinson, in conversation with Shane Parrish, highlights an appreciation for chess from an investor’s perspective, noting that in investing, unlike chess, losses today limit your opportunities tomorrow. This illustrates the critical skill of loss avoidance that chess can build—knowing how to play to your strengths and minimize losses in any situation 1.

Positioning and Loss Avoidance

Adam and Shane discuss the importance of understanding the positions in which one excels and the impact of loss avoidance in investing. They draw parallels between poker and life, and explain why avoiding loss is crucial in investing.

The Knowledge Project

Unveiling the Path to Successful Positions in Life | Adam Robinson | Knowledge Project Podcast 168