How to report inappropriate behavior?


When reporting inappropriate behavior, following a mindful and structured approach is crucial. Below are the recommended steps based on insights from Jordan Harbinger:

  1. Gather Evidence: Collect any potential evidence of the inappropriate behavior. This might include messages, emails, or other forms of communication that can support your claim. Sometimes it may not be possible to gather evidence due to technical or legal limitations, but it's worth attempting to solidify your case 1.

  2. Report to Relevant Authorities: Depending on the context, reach out to the relevant authority or platform involved. For instance, in a case involving misuse of a social app like Grindr, contacting the service to explain the situation and attempting to recover messages can be a starting point 1.

  3. Speak with a Higher Authority: If the inappropriate behavior involves an institution like a church or a company, it's advisable to book a meeting with a higher-ranking official (such as a church elder or HR representative). Provide a detailed written account of the events to ensure your concerns are recorded and taken seriously. This helps avoid misunderstandings and keeps the information clear 1.

  4. Discussions Should Be Private and Respectful: When challenging those in senior positions, it's respectful and generally more effective to do so privately. This helps maintain professionalism and gives the person an opportunity to address the issue without public pressure. Make it clear that your goal is to improve the situation or the organization, not personal gain 2.

  5. Use 'Iron Logic': When explaining the situation, be clear and rational. Presenting your objections or concerns logically and convincingly can help in getting your points taken seriously and could sway decisions in your favor 2.

Appropriately reporting and confronting inappropriate behavior encourages a responsible and respectful environment, reduces potential harm to others, and upholds moral and ethical standards.

Speaking up

Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of speaking up about inappropriate behavior and offer advice on how to report it, including reaching out to Grindr and informing a church elder.

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