Favorite movie


Tim Ferriss has discussed a few of his favorite movies and documentaries in various episodes of his podcast:

  1. The Bourne Identity - Tim watched this movie repeatedly while writing "The 4-Hour Workweek" 1.
  2. Casino Royale - Tim watched this on repeat during the writing of "The 4-Hour Body" 1.
  3. Dan Gable Competitor Supreme - This documentary about wrestler Dan Gable is Tim's favorite wrestling movie, which he watched multiple times for inspiration 2.

Tim also has a general preference for action movies and documentaries that take his mind off work.

Movie Habits

Alex Honnold shares his movie preferences and Tim Ferriss discusses his habit of watching certain movies on repeat while writing. They delve into the impact of movies on their productivity and how it helps them focus.

Tim Ferriss Show

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