Here are some podcasts that cover topics related to triathlons:

  1. The Running Explained Podcast

    • Host: Elisabeth Scott
    • Description: This podcast unravels the complexities of running, training, and nutrition for athletes of all levels. It covers various topics, including triathlon, with expert guests like coaches, nutritionists, and physiotherapists.
    • Notable Topics: Running, training, nutrition, injury prevention, performance, mental health, and triathlons.
  2. The Strength Running Podcast

    • Host: Jason Fitzgerald
    • Description: Aimed at helping runners improve performance and prevent injuries, this podcast discusses marathon training, nutrition, and mental toughness, often including insights relevant to triathletes.
    • Notable Topics: Marathon training, injury prevention, nutrition, mental toughness, strength training, and endurance.
  3. The Morning Shakeout

    • Hosts: Mario Fraioli and Chris Douglas
    • Description: Focuses on running and related fields, featuring in-depth conversations with experts about training, performance, and the mental aspects of the sport.
    • Notable Topics: Running, coaching, performance, training strategies, mental game, and recovery.

These podcasts offer valuable insights and advice for triathletes looking to improve their performance and overall well-being in the sport.