Change of Mind


Here are some insights from experts on the topic of changing one's mind:

  1. discusses his experience of planning to move to America for a career change, then changing his mind after reevaluating his options and realizing sticking with YouTube was more advantageous. emphasizes the importance of avoiding changing one's mind "willy-nilly" and making decisions based on a deliberate review of options 1.

  2. reflects on how defending a single viewpoint can prevent new ideas from entering the conversation, thus making it difficult to change one’s mind. He highlights the value of being open to evolving one's thought process to allow new ideas to flourish 2.

  3. Dr. Gina Poe points out the importance of setting aside ego to change one's mind. She advises embracing the complexity of situations, indicating that our hypotheses and decisions should also consider this complexity 3.

    Changing One's Mind

    Ali discusses the value of changing one's mind and the factors that should be considered when making decisions. Dr. Grace Lordan provides insights on commitment devices and the importance of deliberate review in decision-making.

    Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

    How To Build Career Success - Behavioural Scientist Dr Grace Lordan
  4. explores the challenges of changing deeply entrenched beliefs, such as those of people involved in hate groups. She discusses the effectiveness of cognitive science techniques in changing minds through compassionate and reasoned engagement 4.

  5. describes the psychological dynamics of changing our minds. He notes that people often resist changing their views due to identity, emotions, or misinformation, but also points out that new information often leads us to update our beliefs and understanding, thus changing our minds in subtle ways 5.

These insights highlight the complexity and importance of being open to new information and reevaluating one's beliefs and decisions as part of personal growth and effective decision-making.