Long-term dedication


Experts in the clips discuss the significance of long-term dedication or commitment in various contexts, emphasizing its role in achieving success and personal fulfillment.

  1. Flexibility within Commitment: Jonathan Fields, in an interview with Jadah Sellner on the , highlights the importance of maintaining a long-term commitment to a defined ethos while remaining open to new directions that align with this commitment. He uses Steve Jobs' dedication to design and innovation at Apple as an example of how a strong, long-term ethos can guide significant achievements without being rigidly tied to specific outcomes 1.

  2. Storytelling and Vision: Seth Godin discusses the importance of storytelling in maintaining long-term dedication. He notes that telling ourselves a story about the steps we're taking towards a significant goal—like climbing Mount Everest—can help sustain commitment through less pleasant or challenging periods. This narrative forms the backbone of a long-term vision that makes each difficult step worthwhile 2.

  3. Integrating Dedication into Identity: Cal Newport speaks about integrating the idea of being capable of long-term projects into one's identity. He suggests that once a person completes their first major project, it becomes easier to embrace and succeed in subsequent long-term endeavors. This integration helps individuals to view themselves as persistent and capable of overcoming challenges associated with extensive projects 3.

    Long-Term Commitment

    Jonathan and Jadah discuss the importance of long-term commitment to a defined ethos for success and fulfillment. They explore the balance between staying true to a vision and remaining open to new directions for growth and impact.

    Good Life Project

    Jadah Sellner and Jeffrey Davis: On Legacy, Life and Laughter

These insights underline that long-term dedication often involves more than just stubborn persistence; it requires a blend of flexibility, vision, and a deep integration into one's self-concept. Each aspect helps maintain motivation and adaptability throughout the pursuit of long-term goals.