What causes relationship insecurity?


Relationship insecurity can stem from various deep-seated issues, including attachment insecurity and behaviors influenced by narcissistic traits.

  1. Attachment Insecurity: This can lead individuals to compromise themselves in order to keep their partner from leaving, often based on past traumas or learned behaviors from family dynamics. These compromises can become unhealthy, and people may tend to be overly controling or pleasurable to prevent perceived or actual abandonment 1.

  2. Narcissistic Influence: Narcissistic individuals, characterized by a constant need for exploitation due to their vulnerabilities, can prey on those with attachment insecurities. They may exploit these individuals' fears of abandonment, leading to unhealthy and manipulative dynamics in relationships 1.

These insights help to understand how deep-rooted psychological issues and personality disorders like narcissism contribute to relationship insecurity.

Relationship Insecurity

Explore the deep desire to prevent the other person from leaving in relationships, from both sides. Learn about attachment insecurity and how it can lead to compromising oneself. Delve into the extreme example of narcissistic relationships and the exploitation that can occur.

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