Are camel spiders really that big?


Camel spiders, despite their terrifying reputation, are often the subject of exaggerated tales. On the , and discussed how these spiders, encountered by soldiers in places like Kuwait, appear massive and can look "like lobsters" or "really big bugs" 1. They suggested that part of their fear could be psychological, driven by how uncanny and threatening these spiders look compared to larger but more familiar animals like lions or tigers.

Although there are myths about camel spiders being excessively huge, they do reach a size that can be alarming. Reports claim they can grow up to 6 inches, which is significant but not quite the monstrous sizes sometimes depicted in viral photos and stories.

Fear of Spiders

Adam, Justin, and Sal discuss their fear of spiders, specifically the camel spider, and why they find them scarier than larger animals like lions or tigers. They also debate whether the size of the camel spider is a myth or not.

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