Touch of Evil

It appears that "Touch of Evil" might not directly relate to any of the podcasts in the retrieved results. Instead, here are a few notable podcasts that you might find intriguing based on their critical and analytical content:

  1. - Hosted by Russ Roberts, this podcast delves into a wide range of topics through the lens of economics, featuring conversations with various experts, including economists, authors, scientists, and philosophers.

  2. - Hosted by Lewis Howes, it features a diverse range of guests, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and thought leaders, discussing strategies for success and personal growth.

  3. - Each episode explores powerful themes and includes talks by remarkable minds from various fields, hosted by Manoush Zomorodi.

  4. - Hosted by Ezra Klein, this podcast offers deep discussions on complex issues with experts, covering topics like AI, climate change, and economic policy.

  5. - Hosted by Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook, it explores historical events and figures and their impact on today's world.

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