How to squat properly?


Squatting properly is crucial for maximizing benefits and preventing injuries. Here are key tips from the Mind Pump Podcast experts:

  1. Pelvic Positioning and Lightweight Practice:

    • Focus on practicing the movement with lightweight to perfect the position you want. Train the movement rather than challenging yourself with heavy weights initially. Use lightweight to squat with the correct pelvic tilt 1.
  2. Basic Squat Mechanics:

    • Ensure good posture, keep your feet flat, and avoid letting your knees cave in. Using a physio ball can help beginners by providing support and ensuring correct mechanics. Roll down the ball with your back against it to maintain form 2.
  3. Use of Tools for Balance:

    • Holding onto a stationary bar or using a TRX strap can assist in maintaining balance and depth. Ensure not to use momentum; engage your glutes and drive your heel into the ground when standing up 3 4.

      Perfecting Squat Technique

      Sal, Justin, Adam, and Doug discuss the importance of perfecting squat technique by using lightweight and focusing on proper pelvic tilt and three points of contact. They emphasize the need to practice and perfect the movement before adding weight to avoid injury and maximize results.

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  4. Form Over Weight:

    • Form is paramount. A well-executed squat with proper control, stability, and mobility is much safer. Poor form exponentially increases the risk of injury, especially as you age 5.
  5. Incremental Progression:

    • Gradually increase depth and weight, starting with smaller ranges of motion and lightweight until you can maintain good form 6.

By focusing on these principles, you can master the squat technique safely and effectively.