Can high G-forces make you pass out?


Yes, high G-forces can indeed cause a person to pass out. This phenomenon, known as G-induced loss of consciousness, occurs due to the significant force exerted on the body, which can lead to insufficient blood flow to the brain. During a discussion on the Mind Pump Podcast, it was mentioned that experiencing 9.3 G's could definitely cause one to pass out, and that managing these forces requires specific techniques to prevent loss of consciousness 1.

Gravity and G-Forces

Adam, Sal, Mike, and Justin discuss the intense experiences of being on a rocket and experiencing high G-forces, including passing out and throwing up. They also touch on the challenges of flying in high-performance jets and the dangers of G-induced lack of consciousness.

Mind Pump Podcast

Former NASA Astronaut Answers Our Questions About Space & Beyond | Mike Massimino & Mind Pump 2222