What inspired the clean water mission?


The inspiration behind the clean water mission came from 's experiences while traveling in West Africa, particularly in Liberia. As a former nightclub promoter, his exposure to the stark contrast between the excess of his previous life and the struggle of the locals drinking contaminated water deeply impacted him. He saw first-hand the severe health issues caused by the lack of clean drinking water. This realization was heightened by an interaction with Dr. Gary, who encouraged him to redirect his focus towards providing clean water globally, highlighting the profound impact it could have on public health and quality of life. Motivated by these experiences, Scott Harrison founded Charity Water with the goal of bringing clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet 1.

Clean Water Mission

Scott shares how his mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every single human on Earth started, after witnessing the contrast between people drinking dirty water in Liberia and selling expensive bottled water in his former life.

My First Million

Scott Harrison: From Nightclub Promoter to Charity Water Founder (#443)