Will movies become more lighthearted?


Jim O'Shaughnessy hints at setting up companies that will engage in projects potentially challenging the prevailing trend of darker, franchise-focused films. He expresses a distinct strategy against what colleague Trung T. Phan describes as a future dominated by "cookie cutter franchise type stuff," indicating a possible shift towards more diverse or innovative content 1. Rob Henderson further discusses this, noting a societal swing that could favor the return of more lighthearted films, citing examples like the success of 'Top Gun Maverick,' which balances nostalgia with positive, uncomplicated heroism 1.

Future of Movies

Trung and Rob discuss the future of movies and the potential for a swing back to more lighthearted content. Jim mentions his plans to bet against this trend with his upcoming companies. Rob is optimistic about the future of movies and suggests that there may be a point where things swing back around.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.124 — Trung Phan + Rob Henderson — Talking Television