Here are two clips mentioning Texas from "The Tim Ferriss Show":

  1. David Yarrow on Dallas Hospitality:

    • David Yarrow describes why he chose Dallas for his home, praising the hospitality of Texans and the strong culture of hospitality there. He narrates his experiences, including a complex relationship between conservationists and hunters in Texas, and a memorable photo shoot involving Dallas Cowboys, cheerleaders, and longhorn cattle in downtown Dallas 1.
  2. Scorpions and Cactuses:

    • Dr. Peter Attia discusses the challenges of dealing with the natural hazards of Texas, such as scorpions and cactuses. He shares a humorous anecdote about getting cactus needles in his body during a precision shooting activity, highlighting some of the difficulties of outdoor activities in Texas 2.

These clips offer a glimpse into different aspects of life and culture in Texas as discussed on the podcast.

Dallas Hospitality

David Yarrow discusses why he chose Dallas as his second home, highlighting the Texan sense of hospitality and the welcoming nature of the people. He also explores the unique contradiction between conservationists and hunters in Texas, shedding light on the city's diverse client base and his recent shoot with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tim Ferriss Show

David Yarrow on Art, Markets, Business, and Combining It All | The Tim Ferriss Show