Is trust possible in open relationships?


Trust in open relationships is indeed possible, but it varies greatly from person to person and couple to couple. , a Belgian-American psychotherapist, discusses this complexity on The Tim Ferriss Show. She notes that for some individuals, open relationships can lead to a sense of freedom and enhance their trust in their partners. These people may feel more secure as they understand that their partner will always return to them. This trust grows from seeing their partner's genuine commitment and respect for the relationship.

However, for others, open relationships can provoke intense fear and insecurity, especially if these feelings resonate with past experiences or a deep sense of inadequacy. This dynamic can evoke childhood memories of uncertainty or inadequacy, leading to significant distress 1.

Perel emphasizes that the success of open relationships often depends on both partners sharing similar values and mindset towards such arrangements. When both view the fluidity of the relationship as enriching rather than threatening, it tends to work better. Conversely, if one partner finds the concept unbearable, the relationship can face severe challenges 1.

Ultimately, it's crucial to continuously negotiate and review relationship arrangements to ensure they work for both partners and address their needs and insecurities. Flexibility and mutual understanding are key for maintaining trust in open relationships 2.

Trust and Open Relationships

Esther discusses the complexities of trust and open relationships, highlighting how some people find it liberating while others find it excruciating. She emphasizes the importance of both partners having the same mindset and curiosity for it to work effectively. Ultimately, she acknowledges that this topic can lead to the end of relationships when there is little flexibility and intense feelings on both sides.

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