How to determine the best day?


To determine the best day for a specific activity, such as training or other important tasks, it's important to consider the following factors:

  1. Consistency and Energy Levels: Choose a day when you are generally most consistent and have the highest energy levels. This can vary from person to person, so it's important to tailor it to your individual schedule and energy patterns. For instance, some may find Mondays to be most stable while others might choose another day when they are less likely to be disrupted by work or other obligations 1.

  2. Weekly Schedule: It might be beneficial to break away from the traditional seven-day week schedule depending on your personal and professional commitments. Some individuals and professionals (like athletes) benefit from alternative schedules like a nine-day cycle, depending on their consistent weekly routine 1.

  3. Plan Around Non-negotiables: When planning activities, especially rigorous ones like training, it's crucial to consider immovable commitments such as deadlines, family events, or travel that might interfere with your routine. Setting a realistic timeframe that acknowledges these non-negotiables can help in maintaining consistency 2.

  4. Adjust According to Real Circumstances: Regular assessment and adjustment of your plans based on actual life circumstances can prevent frustration and enhance productivity. For example, if unexpected obligations arise, being flexible and adjusting your critical tasks to another suitable day can be more effective 2.

By considering these elements, you can more effectively determine the best day to perform crucial tasks, ensuring that you are working in alignment with your natural energy levels and personal schedule.

Consistent Training Schedule

Andy Galpin discusses the importance of consistency in training schedules and how to determine the best day of the week to prioritize the most important movements. He also shares that a training schedule doesn't have to be a traditional seven-day split and can vary based on individual preferences and energy levels.

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