Women in fitness


Here are some notable women in fitness who have appeared on the Mind Pump Podcast:

Mari Llewellyn

  • Title: Wellness Entrepreneur and Podcaster
  • Bio: Mari Llewellyn shares her inspiring weight loss story and runs a supplement line, Bloom. She hosts "Pursuit of Wellness" and promotes overall well-being.
  • Appearances: Mind Pump Podcast, Pursuit of Wellness, Almost 30.
  • More Info: Mari Llewellyn is known for her journey and entrepreneurial achievements in the wellness space 1.

Jolene Brighten

  • Title: Author
  • Bio: Dr. Jolene Brighten is a women's hormone expert, licensed naturopathic physician, and clinical sexologist. She leads in women's medicine with an integrative approach.
  • Appearances: Mind Pump Podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show.
  • More Info: Jolene Brighten often discusses hormone health and women's medicine on various platforms 1.

Lisa Bilyeu

  • Title: Cofounder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory
  • Bio: Lisa Bilyeu cofounded Quest Nutrition and is the President of Impact Theory. She hosts "Women of Impact," empowering women to overcome adversity and succeed.
  • Appearances: Mind Pump Podcast, The School of Greatness, Women of Impact, Impact Theory, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Rich Roll.
  • More Info: Lisa Bilyeu focuses on motivational content and women's empowerment 1.

These experts provide valuable insights and inspiration in the fields of wellness, hormone health, and fitness, particularly for women.