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The episode "087 | Education Through Innovation | Don Wettrick" from the features a discussion on how innovation can be integrated into education. The episode highlights several key insights:

  • Changing Consumption Habits: Consumption patterns evolve as individuals focus more on production over passive consumption, shifting towards 'infotainment' that boosts productivity 1.
  • Future of Employment: There's a focus on the impact of automation on employment, with recommendations on staying adaptable and informed about changes in the job market 2.
  • Entrepreneurship in Schools: The episode discusses the potential for schools to serve as innovation hubs where students can interact with entrepreneurs and learn practical skills 3.

    Changing Consumption Habits

    Jonathan and Don discuss how as you spend more time producing, your consumption habits change. They focus on consuming infotainment, which allows them to produce better. They also talk about how congregating with like-minded people can help change your consumption habits and lead to seeking opportunities. Don shares a story about how his daughter's podcast was created due to her desire to introduce her generation to better mentors.


    087 | Education Through Innovation | Don Wettrick
  • Embracing Failure: Guests discuss the importance of embracing failure and risks to foster personal growth and innovation 4.
  • Supporting ChooseFI: Methods to support the podcast are shared, emphasizing engagement and spreading financial independence knowledge to others 5.

Overall, the episode encourages a proactive, innovative approach to learning and personal development, while also considering broader economic trends affecting future employment opportunities.