Should you buy or build an app?


Deciding whether to buy or build an app involves various considerations highlighted by experts in different podcast episodes.

Build an App

Building an app is suggested if:

  • The app is core to your intellectual property or central business operations. Building allows for customization and aligns the app with specific business needs and policies 1.
  • You see a specific problem and have a unique solution not provided by the market. This can be an empowering and bold move, even for those without a technical background, as shown by Ryan Schiller's initiative to build an app to foster diverse discussion on college campuses 2.

Buy an App

Buying an app might be more advantageous if:

  • You wish to avoid the complexities and time commitment of the development process. Buying allows you to leverage existing solutions that can be more cost-effective and quicker to deploy 3.

    Building vs Buying

    Mohamed discusses the dilemma of building or buying new technology in the rapidly evolving field of MLOps. He emphasizes the importance of considering if a product is core to your business before deciding to build it yourself.

    [Exclusive] QuantumBlack Round-table // Gen AI Buy vs Build, Commercial vs Open Source
  • The market has mature solutions that meet your needs. As technology and market offerings evolve, some solutions become so refined that it makes more sense to adopt them rather than developing new ones from scratch 4.

Overall, the decision largely depends on the specific business needs, the maturity of available solutions in the market, and whether the app is intended to be a central element of your business strategy.