Inspiring Girls

Here are some podcasts that aim to inspire and empower girls and young women:

  1. Women of Impact
    Hosted by Lisa Bilyeu, this podcast focuses on helping women become their best selves. It covers topics like relationships, self-improvement, and recognizing toxic behaviors. Notable experts such as psychologists and health professionals share insights to navigate modern life's complexities.

  2. Forever35
    Hosted by Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer, this show delves into self-care, beauty, and wellness, specifically targeting women's experiences through life’s transitions. With a mix of humor and heart, activities include listener Q&As and expert interviews on topics such as skincare, mental health, and productivity.

  3. The Mel Robbins Podcast
    Hosted by Mel Robbins, this podcast provides actionable advice on personal development, health, relationships, and professional success. It features engaging conversations with experts and thought leaders aimed at helping listeners reset their lives and achieve their goals.

These podcasts offer various perspectives and insights, aiming to empower and inspire girls and young women through expert discussions and personal stories.