What is devotion to rituals?


Devotion to rituals involves more than just maintaining a daily practice; it represents a deeper engagement with the activity or experience, often transcending the mere act itself. According to Jim Dethmer, devotion to rituals differs from routine discipline in that it requires full attention and a heartfelt connection to the process, often reflecting greater meanings and connections in life.

For instance, Jim Dethmer illustrates his personal devotion through the morning ritual of starting a fire in his wood-burning sauna, which is not just about the fire itself but serves as a devotional time with his partner, elevating their relationship beyond the ordinary. Similarly, devotion is demonstrated in how one interacts with family, such as engaging with children or grandchildren, where the ritual involves seeing and treating them as sacred beings, fully attending to them without distractions 1.

This approach to rituals emphasizes their potential to connect us to something larger than the immediate task, marking a distinction from tasks performed out of habit or obligation 2.

Devotion to Rituals

Jim Dethmer explains the importance of devotion to rituals in contrast to discipline in a practice. He gives examples of how he practices devotion to rituals in his daily life, such as starting a fire in a wood-burning sauna and spending time with his children. By giving his full attention and time, he sees them as sacred beings and attends to them in a way that reflects the essence of who they are.

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