College Routine


Here are some insights and tips from experts on maintaining a college routine:

  1. Balancing Freedom and Routine:

    • Luis Grijalva discusses transitioning from a structured college athlete schedule to a more flexible professional routine. He emphasizes the struggle of finding things to fill his time but appreciates the new freedom to choose his activities and running partners. Balancing structured activities with free time is crucial 1 .
  2. Finding Fitness Routine in College:

    • Bryan Boorstein shares his fitness routine during college, which involved a 'bro split' heavy weight lifting program. Maintaining a consistent workout routine in college can be challenging but rewarding, providing structure and focus 2 .
  3. Academic Course Load:

    • Cal Newport advises keeping a reasonable course load to reduce stress and optimize learning. He suggests leveraging 'autopilot schedules' for regular tasks to minimize decision fatigue and maintain focus on academic and extracurricular activities 3 .

      Transitioning to Professional Running

      Luis Grijalva discusses the challenges and benefits of transitioning from a college athlete to a professional runner. He shares how he has found freedom and flexibility in his training schedule, as well as the struggle of filling his newfound free time. Grijalva emphasizes the importance of balancing rest and recovery in order to excel in the sport.

      The Morning Shakeout

      Episode 191 | Luis Grijalva

These expert insights highlight the importance of structured routines, balanced freedom, and efficient scheduling to manage a college routine effectively.