How to plan a Disney vacation for free?


To plan a Disney vacation for free, you can employ a strategy involving travel rewards. Here are the steps based on Brad Barrett's approach:

  1. Start with the Chase Gauntlet: Begin your travel rewards journey with the Chase cards, as they are often best suited for accumulating points quickly and efficiently. Once you complete this phase, you can explore other credit cards that fit into your travel rewards strategy for further benefits.

  2. Accumulate Flexible Points: It's crucial to collect points that are flexible and can be used in various ways, allowing for more freedom in planning your trip.

  3. Plan Early: Give yourself enough time to accumulate the necessary points before your intended travel dates. Early planning also helps in finding better availability for flights and hotels, making it easier to use your points effectively.

  4. Specific Strategies for Disney: Adjust your focus to specific rewards programs that will cover significant expenses like airfare, park tickets, and hotel stays. There are strategies that can be precisely tailored to cover these costs by maximizing the benefits from select credit cards and rewards programs.

For a detailed guide on employing these strategies for a Disney vacation, you can visit Brad has used these techniques to bring significant savings, including taking a family trip to Disney, where the cost was reduced to a fraction of the expected expenses, illustrating how effective this approach can be 1 2 .

These steps form a comprehensive approach to planning a nearly free Disney vacation through intelligent use of travel rewards.

Disney Travel Rewards

Brad shares his expertise on how to use travel rewards to plan a Disney World vacation for nearly free, saving thousands of dollars. He also highlights the importance of checking iTunes reviews. ChooseFI has exciting guests lined up for the next few weeks, including Coach Carson, the Mad Scientists, JD Roth, Jim Collins, and Jeremy from Go Curry Cracker.


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