How does color impact our lives?


Color significantly influences our daily lives, affecting our mood, behaviors, and even physical strength. , a marketing author and NYU professor, discusses the profound effects of color on human psychology. Colors are often associated with certain emotions or contexts, which can trigger specific responses. For example, blues and greens are typically seen as soothing, while reds and yellows can be more activating. This impact is true even for individuals who are colorblind, suggesting that the influence of color might extend beyond visual perception to associations or other sensory mechanisms 1.

Additionally, entrepreneur highlights how colors can directly influence our actions and decisions. He notes that color cues in our environment—like a red apple indicating edibility or a green light prompting us to go—play a critical role in our behavioral responses. Hormozi also uses the example of switching his phone to grayscale to reduce distraction and phone usage, further underscoring how the presence or absence of color can alter our behavior 2.

Color Influence

Adam shares his journey of discovering his color blindness and how it sparked his interest in the impact of colors on our perceptions. The discussion delves into how colors can influence mood, emotions, and behavior, regardless of whether one can see the colors accurately.

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