What is the concierge up business?


The term "concierge up business" seems to involve concierge or high-level tailored services. Here are a few contexts in which Tim Ferriss has discussed similar concepts:

  1. Concierge Medicine: Tim Ferriss mentions that while it is valuable to look for concierge doctors if one has the means, it's also important to consider integrating other healthcare professionals like strength coaches or exercise physiologists into one's health strategy. This approach can offer significant health benefits, sometimes comparable to those of concierge medicine 1.

  2. Concierge Coaching in Fitness: In connection with fitness coaching, Tim highlights services like Born Fitness Coaching, which offer a model involving a trio of coaches (for diet, fitness, and lifestyle/accountability). This service provides personalized, high-touch coaching to ensure clients meet their goals, similar to what a concierge service would offer 2 3.

    Assessing Medical Literacy

    Tim and Peter discuss the importance of having a base level of medical literacy and developing a working vocabulary to assess medical information. They also explore the idea of expanding healthcare beyond primary care physicians to include professionals like exercise physiologists and trainers.

    Tim Ferriss Show

    Dr. Peter Attia — The Science and Art of Longevity

Overall, the "concierge up business" likely refers to high-end, highly personalized services that cater to the specific needs of clients, whether in health, fitness, or other areas.