What is the nature of Antifa?


Antifa is identified as a movement that claims to be anti-fascist but is described as anarchist communists aiming to destabilize governments, especially in the United States. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the U.S. government, inspired by historical anarchist-communist ideologies. Antifa's vision includes a world without nations, borders, or capitalism, viewing the U.S. as a fascist state due to its propagation of capitalism, which they link to white supremacy and racism. They are strongly against freedom of expression, which they deem as a core tenet, equating having differing ideas to physical attacks, thereby justifying their use of violence and destruction against those they label as fascists or white supremacists1 .

Additionally, their tactics and activities have included claiming territories as sovereign, like in Seattle during the George Floyd protests, where they held an area as sovereign from the U.S. for more than three weeks with the support of local authorities. This period quickly devolved into violence and chaos, including shootings and deaths1 .

Antifa's Vision

Andy Ngo sheds light on Antifa's vision of a world without nations, borders, and capitalism, fueled by their belief in interlocking systems of oppression. He discusses their extreme tactics, including acts of violence and destruction, as well as their success in destabilizing local governments.

Modern Wisdom

Andy Ngo - Antifa Unmasked: Inside America's Anarchy | Modern Wisdom Podcast 275