What are Sam's best investments?


Sam Parr's best investments include a mix of traditional and unconventional strategies:

  1. Real Estate in Austin: Sam bought a large lot in Austin using an asset-backed loan at a low interest rate. This investment has appreciated significantly, and he anticipates a substantial profit while enjoying the process of learning how to develop a home profitably. 1

  2. ConvertKit: Sam invested $50,000 in ConvertKit, a successful email software company with strong growth and stability. He considered this a safe bet, trusting the founder and seeing long-term potential. 2

  3. Fitness and Nutrition Coaches: While not a financial investment, Sam highlights the value of spending on fitness and nutrition coaches, which has significantly improved his personal well-being. This investment in health has been critical for his productivity and overall success. 3

    Profitable Investments

    Sam, Shaan, and Andrew discuss their best investments. Sam shares his experience of buying a big lot in Austin using an asset-backed loan, while Shaan talks about his startup investment through a rolling fund.

    My First Million

    The Milly Awards 2021
  4. Podcast Success: Investing time and effort into the "My First Million" podcast has paid off well for Sam. The podcast's increasing popularity has brought significant recognition and fulfillment. 3

Sam’s approach shows a blend of real estate, health, and media investments, emphasizing personal growth and strategic financial planning.