Setting boundaries in friendships?


Setting boundaries in friendships is essential to maintain a healthy relationship and preserve one's sense of self. According to Jordan Harbinger and Gabriel Mizrahi, expressing boundaries firmly yet kindly is crucial. For instance, if a friend is overwhelming you with their issues, it's appropriate to offer support but also clarify that you cannot always be their primary source of comfort. You might suggest they seek professional help or find additional support, emphasizing that while you care, you have your limits 1.

Jordan and Gabriel also highlight that setting boundaries can often feel harsh but is necessary to prevent compromising one’s mental health and well-being. Additionally, they discuss the importance of being empathetic yet clear about where your responsibilities end and where the other person’s begin, especially if the other party is undergoing significant issues like mental health struggles or emotional distress. This balance allows for compassion without overwhelming oneself 2.

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Setting Boundaries

Gabriel Mizrahi advises on how to set boundaries in a friendship where one person is relying too heavily on the other for emotional support. He emphasizes the importance of being firm but kind and how setting boundaries allows for maintaining a sense of self while still being close to others.

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