How to transfer points for redemption?


To transfer your points for redemption, especially with the Chase Ultimate Rewards system, there are several steps and considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Know Your Cards: You must hold one of the premium Chase cards (Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Chase Ink Business Preferred) to have the ability to transfer points to travel partners. This feature is crucial for maximizing the value of your points 1.

  2. Transfer to Travel Partners: The most valuable use of Chase points is transferring them to travel partners, rather than simply using them through the Chase travel portal. Each point can be worth more when transferred, depending on the specific partner and booking specifics 1.

  3. Process of Transferring Points:

    • Log into your Chase account.
    • Navigate to the Ultimate Rewards section.
    • Select 'Transfer to Travel Partners'.
    • Link your travel partner accounts by entering the account number and your last name, as explained by Brad Barrett 2.
  4. Maintaining an Active Premium Card: If you intend to transfer points and then cancel a premium card, ensure you transfer all points to your premium card before cancellation. If you transfer points to a non-premium card (like a Freedom card) and then cancel the premium card, you could significantly reduce your redemption options 1.

  5. Instant Transfer: Once you transfer points to a partner like Hyatt, the process is instant, and the points will appear in your Hyatt account almost immediately after refreshing the page, allowing for quick bookings 3.

    Chase Card Redemption

    Brad explains the different redemption options for Chase cards and the importance of having a premium card to access travel partners. He also discusses how combining points from different cards can increase their value, but warns against closing a premium card before transferring points.


    311 | How to Travel for Free | Stereo Live Q&A

Follow these steps to ensure your points are used most effectively and to maintain the vast range of redemption options that Chase Ultimate Rewards offers. Always double-check the specific terms for your accounts as they can change over time.