Higher Profile


Here are some profile highlights of popular individuals who are prominent in podcasts:

  1. Craig Foster: Acclaimed South African documentary filmmaker renowned for his film "My Octopus Teacher". Craig is also a co-founder of the Sea Change Project, an NGO dedicated to ocean exploration and environmental conservation. He has appeared on the Tim Ferriss Show.

  2. Gary Marcus: Professor Emeritus of psychology and neural science at New York University. He has contributed to various discussions on psychology and technology, appearing on platforms like EconTalk, Lex Fridman Podcast, and The Ezra Klein Show.

  3. Davis Smith: Founder and former CEO of Cotopaxi, recognized for his commitment to sustainable practices and philanthropy. Davis has shared his experiences on 20VC and How I Built This.

  4. Brian Kelly: Travel expert and founder of The Points Guy (TPG), specialized in maximizing travel points and miles. Brian has participated in All the Hacks discussing strategies for travel and lifestyle optimization.

These popular individuals are known for their expertise and unique contributions to their respective fields, contributing valuable insights in various podcast interviews and discussions.