Drug cartels


The Mind Pump Podcast has discussed several incidents and the broader implications related to drug cartels in a few of its episodes. For instance, one remarkable story Sal Di Stefano shares is the heroic tale of Miriam Rodriguez. She was a woman in her 60s who successfully tracked down and got arrested ten members of a drug cartel in Mexico after they kidnapped and killed her daughter. Despite her success, the cartel eventually caught up to her and killed her. This act of vengeance inspired a movement against cartels in her hometown, where a monument was erected in her honor 1.

In another clip, the use of submarines by drug cartels to smuggle drugs is discussed. The hosts relay an instance where the National Guard had to pursue a submarine created by a cartel, designed minimally to evade radar. They detail an intense encounter where guards had to forcibly retrieve traffickers from the submerged vessel 2.

Additionally, the violent environment fostered by cartels and their impact on society was critically discussed in the context of an anarchocapitalist, who was murdered by a cartel for interfering with their marijuana business in Mexico. This exemplifies how cartels address competition and hinder economic and political alternatives within their areas of control 3.

Cartel-Killing Granny

Sal shares the incredible story of Miriam Rodriguez, a woman in her 60s who hunted down and got arrested ten members of a drug cartel in Mexico, one by one, after they kidnapped and murdered her daughter. She put on disguises and talked to their grandparents to get clues. She became a hero and martyr after the cartel caught up to her and killed her, spurring a movement against the cartels.

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These discussions on the Mind Pump Podcast highlight the dangerous influence of drug cartels on individuals and communities, as well as the extreme measures they employ to safeguard their interests and curtail opposition.