What is the race walking community like?


The race walking community is described as very tight-knit and welcoming. , a Hall of Fame triathlete and transgender rights advocate, shares his personal experiences of being warmly accepted within this small yet passionate group of athletes. Despite its unconventional nature and the challenging technique required, the community embraces newcomers and supports each other's success.

Notably, in one instance, details how even his first local race felt like a family reunion, where everyone knew each other and was eager to welcome and include new members 1. His story highlights that this sport, often misunderstood and much smaller than traditional running or multisport communities, values inclusivity and growth, encouraging more people to join and enjoy race walking 2.

Overall, it seems the race walking community embodies a strong sense of camaraderie, respect, and mutual support.

Welcoming Race Walking Community

Chris Mosier shares his experience of joining the race walking community as a trans athlete and highlights the warm and welcoming nature of the community.

The Morning Shakeout

Episode 214 | Chris Mosier