What is a metaphysical poker experience?


A "metaphysical poker experience" seems to refer to unexpected premonitions or unexplained phenomena that occur in the context of playing poker. , a physicist and professional poker player, described a significant incident where she had a premonition during a game which made her question her strictly rational, materialist beliefs. This event led her to consider the possibility of non-material phenomena, fundamentally challenging her worldview. These instances in poker, which initially appear inexplicable, opened her to new ways of perceiving and understanding unusual experiences during the game, thus encapsulating what might be termed a metaphysical poker experience 1.

Unexplained Experiences

Liv Boeree, a physicist and professional poker player, shares her skepticism towards unexplained experiences. However, she recounts a premonition that came true during a poker game, causing her to question her beliefs.

Tim Ferriss Show

Liv Boeree, Poker and Life —Turning $500 into $1.7M, Game Theory, and Metaphysical Curiosities